Thursday, June 20, 2013

Story Behind Defencely

So Here's Story Behind Defencely. Lot of questions came after Vedachala posted XSS In Defencely.Which Was in Home Page of
And People just buzzing me to fix that vulnerability, but when i told them I'm not part of defencely anymore.
i faced lot of questions about why.

My Small Introduction :
My Full Name is Atulkumar Hariba Shedage, (Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin) I'm security researcher and awarded by some giant internet companies like Google (2 Times) , Github , Ifixit , Zynga , Redhat (2 Times) , Gallery Project , Gitlab , Apple , barracudalabs , Zendesk , Constant Contact , Lastpass , 37 Signal , Ebay , Acquia , Soundcloud , Engineyard , Nokia Network , Tuenti , Nokia And Some others i can't even remember names.
I was Originally Co-founder And Chief Technology Officer At Defencely But Some Weird Things Happened in company and Founder of Defencely Ritesh Sarvaiya Kicked me out from defencely.
Here's The Screenshot of team page : Click On pic to zoom :) , That's me on Right Side.


Title is : Story Behind Defencely

I Had joined Company in , Exact Date we meet is : 13 December 2012, Actually it was not official meeting , That is Date when i meet Ritesh First time,
Today Defencely Completed nearly 6 month, Me ,My Cousin(Rahul Shedge) And Ghanshyam Vyas (Maharaj) Meet At His Old Company Digital Edge
Maharaj is like my family member.

So after we meet at Digital edge Office Ritesh Gave me one proposal that Lets Build One Security Company. I had shown him various my achievement which i got that time, apple is one them and as he is biggest fan of apple and that attracts him lot And Offering me as let's build one world wide product which will related to security field,
means securing websites. which is
As i was pursing my Post graduation (MSC Computer Science-I), I thought God gave me something special in form of ritesh, After His proposal to me i Said ok let's Do it,
That Time Ritesh told us what ever investment need to build website and other buying equipment it will be done
from his pocket. At this Time The company equity divided in to 3 part. 50% equity will be Belongs to Ritesh Sarvaiya, 25% on me and 25% on my cousin(he was chief financial officer)(means total 50%). i Said OK Let's Do it.
At this time Ritesh, Me , Maharaj And Rahul Shedge(my Cousin) Present in office.

Then Here's Journey Start.
On 14th January 2013 we have registered Domain After registering domain he said he will CEO And i will be CTO of company and marketing part will handle from his side and what ever technical things it will be handle by me. i was ok with it. after that he told me to add his name with me in what ever Next HOF (Hall Of Fame) I will get, i said ok i will do, i started working for company, added Ritesh and my name in google,Github , Ifixit ,Zynga , RedHat , Gallery , Apple , barracudalabs , Zendesk , Nokia I did my best to add Ritesh name in HOF, we was happy and dreaming future of defencely.
with in 1-2 months Ritesh Have resigned from his old company which i mentioned above Digital Edge, Also he was facing some big problems in life And he was in depressed.
He Came to our mentor Maharaj, as he was totally broken from heart, Maharaj gave him some suggestion (i was not here when he both discussing this), gave Him Advice And Supported him, After that Ritesh Told Maharaj to come onboard and maharaj said ok will come onborad, on behalf of that he offered maharaj 25% equity.
Maharaj trusts on me lot and he told Ritesh that he will invest money as he have no doubt on my skills,

So you might thinking that what is need of maharaj in this part?
well maharaj is like my friend and my best well wisher, in everyone's life there is one person, who you trusted lot and when ever any imp decision you have to take you firstly ask them , that what maharaj is for me. Ritesh was CMD and Chairman of Rikhav Infotech but he left company and after that some of his rikhav company investors cased on him (it's confidential, can't share it), unfortunately all his partners faced jail but he didn't because with using maharaj political power, He protected Ritesh before he got jail, and at that time no one gave him bail, this time maharaj did. Maharaj supported him in every bad situation he faced.

Working Working And Working We passed 5 months website is online , almost everything is ready, all front end, Back End, i used my skills to get defencely and Ritesh name in all HOF without he having technical knowledge, But in That 5 month I Didn't asked him for Single Amount of money And He Didn't even asked me.(Because Maharaj Told me to not ask money, as it's your first experience for building company, learn as much you can) At time came to do all things legally means on paper, he called me in night about 10pm and told that maharj asked for 25% equity, I said what you are talking, we just talked for hours(in between this hour he didn't told me that he had talk with maharj and promised him to give 25% equity). i was not agree that time, i said wait i'm coming to mumbai, next day i gone to mumbai and meet maharaj personally and i asked him what happened, maharaj told me all discussion he had with Ritesh, after listning all, i was super surprise i called Ritesh and asked whether he had talk with maharaj or not, then he said "yea i had talk with maharj about equity and don't consider that conversation, just think what we have discussed at beginning time" i said if you guys had talk how i can come in middle because maharaj is like my dad and i can't go Against to him.i told Ritesh That i'm not agree with him

After few hours i called him again and again asked did they discussed, now this time he said "yes we had but that time i didn't said "yes for sure" about equity, i just said "i will see" here is double face came, i said you have to tell me this before hours ago when i was seated in front of maharaj. again he started bluffing i'm business man, i invested money and all, i can't give equity, if maharaj need ,he should have to pay equity amount, he talked lot of buisness policy which is out of my focus.

Now same day at night he came to my building parking with hiren Shah, And He Asked me for server passwords, i said what happen , then he said "what ever equity dividation done i'm not agree" Then I said "now what", Ritesh was with hiren shah, Ritesh Said go Take walk talk with hiren he is like my brother and share anything with him, i had talked with Hiren and he's tried to convince me , i was totaly crying. after 10 minutes Hiren said See Atul "Ritesh Will Get Thousands of CTO/Researchers Like You, But you will not get single CEO Like Ritesh", here's my brain blasted, i said ok fine go ahead and find thousands of atul.
After this, Hiren gave me 4 options and Ritesh was agree with that
1) What ever investment done by Ritesh (nearly 6-7 lkah indian currency) give it back to him and take all company
i said i'm middle class guy, i can't effort that much money
2) Come back and we will agree on 50-50
If i do this my all family relation will destroy , i said i can't
3) Leave defencely and we will pay enough amount of money as salary
i said ok will go ahead with this
4) lets Destroy defencely and make individual
i was not agree.

I told him give me some time I will decide and let you know soon, I called my dad,mom and my uncle that what i do next, As we are all connected to maharaj as family and if i work for defencely with ritesh, my all family relations will get destroy and i don't want to do this, i was ready to compromise my dream about build company for my all family. i was still in mumbai, i called dad and told to come Mumbai, next morning my dad and my uncle came to mumbai and we had talk with maharaj, After discussing , my dad said don't work, choose 3rd option and leave company, i said OK without asking single question why,
At Same day he sent me Email and teaching me cyber crime

i told him to will not continue (i was aware of his double face personality) he said "give me all server username and passwords"
i said "give me reasonable amount of money for which i worked for company in past." Now he just started to do me emotional things that defencely was your dream , i can't even think you did this with me and now you betraying and bla bla bla

You Might thinking why i didn't give him password?
The reason is all server / domain details is registered on his own email address, and even if i denied to give him password he gone reset all by contacting hosting company. My pocket was empty.

After 24 hours he reset password. Again i asked him for my money, He declined , again i repeat, now this time he asked me on facebook that "how much money you want," i Said "i will ask 10 lakh" then he said "you can ask anything" after 10 minutes no reply on FB i ping him and text as "when i expect it" Still No reply

After maharj Sent him one mail copy below : 

As now he had all passwords, 

He sent reply to above email between half hours copy below :

After 4 days he pinged me again and told that "i didn't expect from you" i said "wdf happen now?" he said system not working, i said "Then what i do?" Again he started , you did something wrong in coding , Damn what he's talking now he had all password, i didn't opened from last 4 days and how i edit code with out having access to server, even if i have backdoor i would choose to deface defencely and destroy all data, why i edit code and do simply 1% damage, I thought that he don't want to pay me my salary and here's my thought true he started blaming on me and continuosaly asking that what you did for company , this is not working, this page not working,i listened all said the people you hired is not able to run system is not my fault , (for example purpose) I made car and if you can't able to drive thats not my fault, it's your fault of you can't drive. again he still blufing that i did something. after that i didn't answered him and when ever he message me i always said give me my money and after that he reply anonyigly And all,
Company didn't even started, We are not even getting single client nor single profit, and before that you are fighting for equity what is it man :(

Now yesterday my one friend (vedachala) posted the xss, and he started messaging me on FB, copies of messages is below. 

Public Message to Ritesh Sarvaiya : 
As you messaged above And that you gone show my true face, i written all story, if you have guts prove me wrong, And About my salary/money i don't want it anymore, if you have little shame donate half amount to some charity and if you forced me to take salary/money i will accept it with brave heart :),  And Stop playing with young peoples mind and don't be vampire :)


  1. I am big Fan of Defencely, what a team it was once upon a time, what ever Atul is claiming looks once sided at this point of time, till the time we listen from other person who is involved in this, what you guys say ?

    Atul : Can you Upload actual Papers which were signed between you and other party involved ?

  2. I didn't signed any papers yet

  3. without Signing papers why are you talking this stuff atul, can you prove legally other party cheated on you ?

    1. lame ~ die mother fucking ritesh, die 3:-)

    2. Fucking asshole..mother fucker..dont playwith poor peoples..if u want mney earn in ethical way..begger ass holer...lofar ritesh

  4. Everyone Support Atul..He is the man...A real Programmer,Hacker...He is the person who can create companies much more better than defencely...

    Defencely Stay Away from Real world Hackers and stop generating kiddies like you.

    1. Seriously, Fuck You Ritesh Sarvaiya _|_ #OpIndia

  5. i just want to show his double face personality,

    And this is IT world i have every single mail that i have worked for company and about your question, yes i can prove legally that he cheated me

  6. Every one here would love to see legal papers atul, Mail is not considered as Legal document in India Atul please take a note of that & show us the Agreement which you have signed with other party, without which this entire exercise will be on sided only.

    1. Mother fucking ritesh sarvaiya, you can't win here! It's internet :P Sooner your fucking cunt and you being sheman gotta get exposed on the internet! Which is more wider then your fucking TV!

  7. Ohh.damn, I just noticed you asked reasonable amount from other party, can we all know how much was the amount, would you mind disclosing atul, as we all wanna know buddy, i just talked to few guys in your community and they said this whole things is looking fishy, as only you are talking and other party is watching silently, any thoughts ?

  8. Dear Anonymous,

    I'm Sure you are Ritesh, I told something end To The CEO OF DEFENCELY.

    1. yes I am the CEO and I know how to handle people like you.

    2. This has nothing to do with me.
      But I think ,in next few hours, I am taking down your all views and making this issue public by posting it to the world at broad picture on a website which has approximately 90000 visitors per day. So it won't be good for your business, but all I am caring about now is "Justice needs to be served".
      Its a downfall of your organization, just accept it Ritesh..
      You did this to a good person, you will get it back in return. That's all we say "Karma" is about.

    3. hell you dont teach me about karma..great person will remain great, no matter how much you try to throw stones on can post on 9k or 90k hits website...things will not should accept it looser.

    4. You said: "great person will remain great, no matter how much you try to throw stones on him"
      You really wanna know who is great, here it is: I am in your computer, I have a backdoor in your system and I have finally gathered all the electronic proof that you betrayed Atul. By making them public, you will surely end up in prison and to clarify more, you already have a fraud case investigation and I got proof that you are guilty in that too.
      So shut your fucking mouth, because one way or other "karma" is going to pay you back as either me or the internet.

  9. Well, i can promise you in front of entire community i am not the one you are thinking, Entire community wants to hear the answer for the Questions which we have asked, if you want to think and run away we all are ok, but we would love to listen to answers what we have asked you atul.

  10. Hey Atul,
    Just a general suggestion. You may want to stop replying to anonymous comments, because anonymous comments really don't hold any credibility in the Indian legal system :D

  11. But as a community i believe every one has a rights to know the other part of the story, this seems to be one sided story to all of us. How come a person who was in the company at great position started talking bad ? There should be something what would have happened Deep, ask your self a Question & tell me what answer you get from within ? We must see the Signed agreements before reaching to any conclusion guys, what say ?

    1. True that, am withholding my opinion about this whole thing till we get to hear the other side of the story, but on another note am not really eager on seeing any signed agreements because the whole issue basically comprises of work ethics to me (exactly why I am posting using my real name and not as anonymous :) ) and not of legal standings which the Indian law agencies can look after.

  12. Let me tell all of you all in India E-mails are now legal proof....And yes you have already shown all images which proves that what ever has happened is very bad...Don't worry entire community is with you

  13. Ok let's see Emails in which they have exchanged contract or agreement, since that's the Legal proof as per you guys, Can atul show us the agreement which he had with other party ? I mean it's not about any one let's move towards knowing the fact instead of taking any once side here.

  14. Atul Dont worry Bro .. these bastards always do like this and will do anything for money .. dont get depressed .. be focused .. we your friends will be always with you .. -harsha

  15. What agreement atul needs to show... and for what he needs to show we all know that he was the one who was handling total technical stuff for and after he left we cant see any hall of fame too... It means he is the one who was handling the total technical stuff. And yes Form mail we all can see that who is over coming whom so don't worry atul fight for your rights.

  16. Shut up you Anonymous (I mean only specific not all :P read all carefully)....
    I know the questioning part of papers with anonymous is done by "Ritesh".
    Well here is answer, Atul did not signed papers because he had little bit of trust on Ritesh which Ritesh obviously betrayed .
    To clarify more, he also betrayed lots of people previously.
    And please don't let me say more on it in public why "Ritesh" was kicked out from his old job..

    To atul: I am really feeling sorry for you man.. :'( But I know you are hard working dude. I am sure you will get to your destiny.

  17. ATUL you are a great programmer :)
    lol but after reading comments,i think that anonymous comments are written by ritesh...he is just a looser... Hope you will touch sky soon.:)

    1. atul is just a bragger just like his kill the story here

    2. i figured that out on the first comment itself ... if i was in ritesh shoes ...and if i was really dumb .... (if my iq was -2o then average person) then i would post anonymous comments :P that son of a bitch has no guts :P

    3. Dude I know Atul very well.
      Only person, in this condition , will say like "he is not good" is only ritesh.
      So stop posting it, because no one will buy it now and in future from your organization.

    4. atul you should have some are just portraying yourself as a hero but the story is that both of you are equally responsible for all this dog shit created.

    5. Ab jab ki tere nicche aag lagi hai ritesh stop pretending that you are innocent.. pura internet world jaan gaya hai ki tu fraud hai aur ab koi tere chaakar me nahi padega..
      Agar tere ghar pe "Aaj Tak" channel aata hai to turn on kar ke dekh, teri puri ki puri maar di hai...
      They are saying "Dekiye is chehare ko. Dhyan se dekhiye. Yahi hai wo chor jo logon ke jindagi se khelta hai. Iske zaase me mat aayiye. Defensely se kuch bhi mat karidiye. Ye shaksha aapko bhi dhoka de sakta hai. Is darinde ke saath kya kiya jaye??"

    6. i bet india Tv will get in first...sansnekheez khabar:it sector mei jaalsazi :P

  18. funniest story i hav ever heard register a domain and become CEOs and CTOs...bygod thats funny...

  19. what the fuck you all are...really funny people.

    1. Well this post definitely tells what kind of person is Ritesh..

      Look at the link correctly.
      A man says he own an organization and can't get its url right?? :P
      Answer to this question explains the whole story that Mr. Ritesh is just another scammer in India.

  20. dud, these are the experience of life...M@#F## like these will give u a platform of higher understanding 0f society we live in ....what u did was the best one can do ...please publish it on let people know the duality lies inside such people....jai hind

  21. site not opening any reason guys....Can you answer Mr. Ritesh

    1. fuck u ...
      u type wrong domain..

    2. Result is same.....not opening

    3. holy crap you sons of biscuit..

  22. oh Its so disgusting man...
    really felt bad about both-U and defencely..

    I just completed completed my graduation..
    and get some call from MNC's also ..
    but u know what i told to my parents and friends ..that i do not wanna join it I m interested to much for joining defencely... :)
    bcoz it already got fame as i daily check it on FB there are numerous of status updates which shows they found vil in a some giant company...I m impressed by this..(who will not)...
    an only kind of cloud security provider :|

    as a kind to become pent tester passion of me it pulled me with big force...

    but now the things are changed like T20 game...
    started high and then collapsed like head in the shit..

    dreams are broken...
    and now no more expectations also..

    U know me atul very well and ritesh sir u too..

    If ur going through hell keep it going...
    as i seen it today on defencely page...

    so its gud..u know all as early.. be creative and positive...

    And i also have to reconsider my future plans...

  23. anyone saw pics carefully, ritesh had a financial fraud case on him .. still how can we believe u ritesh ..

  24. if u bow an arrow for others, may hit back to u

    1. "Ritesh Will Get Thousands of CTO/Researchers Like You, But you will not get single CEO Like Ritesh"

      You serious??
      Ritesh let me tell you, you are just a looser.
      By this time you have possibly realized that no any security researcher will work for you and you just made your black part of life come to the internet which will surely destroy your company.

  25. The only person who is wrong can pinpoint things not the person who is right!

    Atul is a big @DSDSRSR, If ritesh is fucking that bad, then how come he maade all exclusive interviews for you in big internet channels to make you popular?

    if he is selfish, y did he made you come onto interviews than him?

    and by god, if yu were working with defencely, he will surely ask you to represent his name in the HOF

    ANd for the earlier company ritesh worked with. god damn, he was CMD there. and ritesh and company need not clarify anything in front of anyone here.

    People may think he is bad, then he is bad, and IF Atul you feel you are right, than you are right....

    if you were right, then these things wouldnt hv come up at the first place.
    Guys, dont mind, he well knows the phases have ritesh gone thru and now just want to take advantage. by asking hefty amount and wen ritesh denied. he is doing all this...

    Only the well-wishers know who is right n wrong.

    and yes, somebody said about karma,

    yes karma will surely befit the one who has been evil eyed, no problems.
    and the one, who has tried to take advantage of the opportunity.

    1. fuck u...
      Its all his trap to fool young people....bla bla go head and fuck urself

    2. No more popularity of Ritesh's company.
      I ask everyone to take down your likes from the looser's FB page..
      And soon enough Ritesh will understand that HOF names of his organization have been shorted down to Atul's name only.

  26. Atul is merely a begger,,.... he is supported by Maharaj so he is jumping so high in the air like a balloon but u know ritesh is man of his words.

    Atul you ar too young to understand business and all this shit yu are doing right now, u will be shameful for it some years later.. this is very very kiddish.

    why did u guys ask for more share wen everything was already decided?
    why did u guys did not stick to ur words?

    afte rknowing defencely is going to grow big, y after that only u came up with all this...

    it was never a company built by ritesh or you atul. it was a mutual understanding that u guys became selfish for and wanted more share in the company.....


    IF YOU FEEL ATUL IS RIGHT then y he came up with all this after so long.. y he dint stop all this wen it was happening?

    Ritesh gave him so much support took up all expenses on him.. still dint ask for any money... instead after leaving defencely y atul is asking for money when he did not put any money into it.

    it is a long life for you to go... be a btter person who u r... do not get carried away by any pressure. and we better know...

    i hv known you atul personally, ur not bad person but a child of god.... do not please be carried away by money factor...
    in ur heart and in ur soul, when u will ask u will know what ur doing!

    u will get the answer on ur own, do not get evil be somebody else's power.... do not get this bad.. rememebr the times what all thigns ritesh did for you and how he talked with u or behaved with u...

    he gave up everything for u to become popular and well being... but u r getting pressurized from someone. what ur doing is not ur thinking.

    1. Ritesh you really don't know how to handle people..
      You have a criminal record.
      I summarize all you said and wtf you mean by you don't pay the guy??
      You know what, atul may be little late but now he is correcting his mistake.
      I would like to remind you that without him your organization is just an empty box.
      I support the good clause of Atul to take down every "Defencely" name listed with him and shorting it to only his name. Atul had done some wonderful work. In my knowledge he given atleast 12+ acknowledgements to Defencely but know what within next month it will all be over and you will be in prison and thinking what the hell I did..
      Let me remind you, the facebook's story is not much different than Atul's and to increase your knowledge Mark Zukerberg (owner of facebook) lost the case.
      Same thing will happen with you ritesh..
      You was a scammer, you are a scammer and you will be scammer.
      Don't trust ritesh, he just asked me to list him in a hall of fame page.. I say "fuck you _|_".

    2. Choooood... hai sala

    3. Here comes another ritesh supporter. You know what is the role of supporter in sports.

      And Ritesh bro, we all know your story man. If you have guts can we take this thing legal in court? If you say yes i have 100 proofs with me to drag you down. I know who else are involved in this with you.

      I am in your PC through Backdoor so be aware. I can fuck you with just one click. DO justice with guys or you are gone for sure. And you will really be soon in TV, for all your good that you have done

  27. lets DDO/Deface it :P

  28. Hi Atul: I am really feeling sorry for you man...This CEO can do anything for money... He has betrayed many young friends of mine...My heart breaks down when i think of my those friend and u...God sees everything he has to pay for hi every sin...

    Atul Bro...All the best for your very bright future be brave and work well.

    Yes appreciated friendship of Mr.Maharaj....

  29. sad bro... i personally know atul .... "www" :) super genious guy.... i remember when he started learning xss he would also inspire me to learn it and help me with basics on msn. Real true gentleman.... very helpful guy.... bro i feel very sad to read all these stuff and willing to help you any possible way i can.

    - John_

  30. Dear Atul, i don't know you personally, but i feel sorry for you. The bugger we are calling Ritesh has a long history of doing such frauds. And yes, for many who doesn't know, he was kicked out like a dog from Rikhav Infotect, where also he made big fake promises to many young lads like you. He has a proven track record of scamming people for money and talent. No wonder he's denying to pay you. It's great that you've put up this blog, it will tell millions what a big fraud that fucker is. I will not be surprised to see that bugger behind the bars. And trust me he ain't no religious person, that's just a mask he puts on to hide is hideous fraud side. You guys are awesome and surely will do wonders in near future. My best wishes to you.

    Sincerely Ex-Rikhav Employee.

  31. Hi Atul,

    I really feel sorry about what ever happened with you.
    I don’t know you personally but I totally believe that whatever you said here is true because I personally know Ritesh and have worked for him before. Ritesh Sarvaiya is a fraud. It’s not just you Atul, in the past as well he has played with careers of a lot of young people. He can do anything for money and eat many their salary and PF as well.
    Let teach this motherfucker a good lesson, so that in future he should not play with people’s money and carrer.

    If anyone wants to know more about this motherfucker Ritesh Sarvaiya; ask his own brother Bhavik Sarvaiya

  32. Ritesh is cheater.... he played the same game with one of my social media friend (Dont want to disclose the name)... so guys be aware....

  33. Hi Atul,

    Dont Worry Dude you have got some good talent and you will reach into great heights. About Ritesh, Even i have seen his double face character he always says " I am the man of my words " and believe me He is not a man because he never keep his words. He is a big time ass hole. The one who can cheat his own brother can cheat anyone in this world.

    Biggest Egoistic and selfish man in this world

  34. Ekta Kapoor just called, she wants to make a saas bahu serial based on this drama.

  35. I support Atul.. Because, this Ritesh contact me also and asked that he want a explainer video done for defencely. I did a script for him without taking any money and he said he liked it. Its been around 3 weeks now and he never reverted back to me about the explainer.

    He said he can pay $$$$ amount but want a good script. I sent the script and he said he liked it, I gave him my price of $600 for the video. Then he said that he need to think of the price. If it is true that he can pay $$$$ for the explainer, why he is thinking of the $$$ figure? His main intention is to get work from people and he never pays.. He just says that he will introduce you to large names and you can have more exposure and business.. which is a flat crap.

    I think he is a scammer who just wanna free work. BE AWARE OF RITESH.

    1. Absolutely true. ask for money in advance before starting work with him he is a scammer

  36. No surprises... he had a history of these things. I am an Ex-Employee of Rikhav, I worked for company almost 1 and half year, as SEO Team Lead. At that time, he used my talent and praised me as " aa baddhaana baap chhe" to all my fellow colleagues. And one fine day, wen I got another big opportunity, I asked them for the suggestions regarding resignation and all. To hell with Ritesh, he straight away asked me to stop working, and not even gave me my salary of 1 month and 10 days. He is such a asshole. God should definitely watch his Karma and should penalize him throughout his life. Ritesh Sarvaiyya... you are not a man, u r fraud, your wife is also fraud, your sister in law (Riddhi Dave) is also a fraud. Motherfucker asshole.. u r deep in shit u bastard.

  37. I'm so glad that someone brought this up. I'm a webdesigner, One fine evening, I get a call on my cellphone from a number in India, which was surprising, as I know no one there.

    Long story short, this Mr. Ritesh guy likes to manipulate young minds into believing he's gonna take us to the top. When the bitter truth is that he desperately wants to be there himself, trying to please his "American Investors".

    He took advantage of my then ongoing financial crisis. He was always about "Deal", "Agreement", "Word". But when it was his time to prove him being a man of his word, he just chickened out. Such a fraud.

    What's more sad than seeing a man without any honor is seeing a man who claims to have it, but has none.

    I wouldn't get into the details of what happened with me, maybe I will. But this is my personal message to Ritesh: YOU said 2013 was going to be a bad year for me, with negative reviews all around the internet, the way you're claiming here. Guess we all love a little bit of irony, eh?

    Oh and yeah, 2013 has been a blast. I'm happy to be rid of a person like you to work with. Stop making money off of talented people. And go try finding your own talent, apart from you being very talented at telling lies.

    All the best if future for all those who once were victims of Ritesh. And to all the other people who are still working with him; better get out when you have a chance.

  38. Guys .... See Ritesh Face.... Firstly Owner of Rikhav Infotech.... then he closed Rikhav Infotech and left all employees on the road... then started company global edge solutions...closed that too.... then cheated with Atul Shedge and took Defencly and now he tied up with Trunkoz Technologies Pvt Ltd in thane(web hosting company)... dont take any services from this company as they are with Ritesh.... Kuch din baaad... Trunkoz will close his shop because of ritesh ... ha ha ha ha

  39. he promises people money and fame. youngsters are his primary target - so much so that these talented ppl start believing in him. once he has achieved his "target", he wipes them off as if they never existed.

    if you want to work for him or with him, always ask for full payment in advance. othwerwise, you can forgt abt it.

  40. Guys i think we should stop this scammer go and comment on this post the truth about that motherfucking bastard.

  41. Ritesh Sarvaiya is an alias to cheat. He is a professional, clever, and democratic cheater. He has good skills to represent himself and his brand but in fact, he is a thief and of no use. Be aware of Ritesh Sarvaiya, even his brothers and friends are not working with him. For sure, he is not going to return your money. It's better you file a case on him in the competent court of law.

    1. chindi chorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  42. "I am the Man of my words" "Support me to Support you" these are all bullshit statements of this RASCAL RITESH "C" saala. Ritesh just payoff remaining Money,Salary & PF of all or else God also can't save you from all this BADUA'S of all.

  43. Atul don't worry man ye Ritesh Sarvaiya Pagal life me kabhi badi company nahi bana kuch salo ke baad pagal khane me milega aur chillayega.."Support me to support u.." & " I am the man....i m the best....i m the great...! ye aukat se zyada udi maar raha hain....sala bloody do take ka call center employee...isko technology ka t bhi nahi pata..!

  44. is madar-chod ritesh sarvaiya ko uski old company dizital edge mahape ne bhi gaand pe laat maar ke nikaal diya kyuki vaha bhi rikhav infotech zaisa fraud kar diya madar chod ki aulad ne. ritesh sarvaiya ek chor hai, jaldi hi trunkoz company ki bhi band bajne vali hai. muje dizital edge kaam karne vale ex-employee ne detail diya ki ye kutta ritesh sarvaiya vaha pe fraud kar diya

  45. Hello Atul,

    I need some help with Wordpress hacks. I have requested you for your email address via Twitter. I would really appreciate if you could shoot me an email at sanjay[at]

    Thank you

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    1. is insann ne mere jiju ke saath fraud kiya hain yeh kabhi bhi nahi sukhi rehe payegaa agar iss shaitaan ne inn sabhi logo ka mail padha ho gaya aur saachi mein apne original maa baap ke aulaad rahega toh ye sudhar jayeega yaa isske aage ki life mein maarte samay koi paani pilane ko bhi nahi aayega chindiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii chorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hain aur ek din us ke saadko par bheeekh mangte hue dekhegaa bhagwan isske chor buddhi stable karo sab paise kamne ke liye kaam karte hain aur ye kaam karvane ke baad unki salary mangta hain to be hang till death haramiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ki aulaad chaturrrrr madar chot kutte saad saad ke maragaa aur leke jaanewale bhi tere saath wale fraud log rahenge i am very much depressed with them who have been his all most taregt kamine sudhar jaana warna aalaha malik om sai ram

  47. Hello all,

    Look what new details are found about this bastard guy ritesh sarvaiya. Someone from rodinhoods community found out that this bastard creates and sells mostly adult and porn websites. He is feeding his 3rd rated shitty family by selling porn content, means exploiting sex scenes and selling those websites on forums.

    Here is the link to the most talked-about article on community which is very reputed community founded by alok kejriwal. Read the post of zubair shaikh where he has found out how this ritesh sarvaiya makes and sells porn websites on the forums.

  48. Abe chutiye ritesh sarvaiya tera to paplu ban gaya re.

    puri ki puri pol khol di ye hacker community ne teri full research karke. sabke saamne nanga kar dala tuje

    ab tu kaha pe apna kala muh chupayega. dub jaa ab chullu bhar pani me khajve.

  49. Ritesh Rikhav DigitalEdge Sarvaiya... Teri Gand Chud Gayo re bhadwe... Ritesh Rikhav DigitalEdge Sarvaiya... Teri Gand Chud Gayo re bhadwe... Ritesh Rikhav DigitalEdge Sarvaiya... Teri Gand Chud Gayo re bhadwe... Ritesh Rikhav DigitalEdge Sarvaiya... Teri Gand Chud Gayo re bhadwe... Ritesh Rikhav DigitalEdge Sarvaiya... Teri Gand Chud Gayo re bhadwe... Ritesh Rikhav DigitalEdge Sarvaiya... Teri Gand Chud Gayo re bhadwe... Ritesh Rikhav DigitalEdge Sarvaiya... Teri Gand Chud Gayo re bhadwe... Ritesh Rikhav DigitalEdge Sarvaiya... Teri Gand Chud Gayo re bhadwe... Ritesh Rikhav DigitalEdge Sarvaiya... Teri Gand Chud Gayo re bhadwe... Ritesh Rikhav DigitalEdge Sarvaiya... Teri Gand Chud Gayo re bhadwe...

  50. hahaha - where is this dog hiding now ? maybe gone underground to avoid going to jail. Don't worry atul the whole community is with you and we know you were wronged. In time, this crazy fellow ritesh sarvaiya will be in jail as he has cheated many many people.

    Imagine talking badly to maharaj becuz of whom he is actually out of jail. This bastard is just a con who does not understand T of technology. was just a call center worker in wipro.

    Trunkoz company is also going to suffer huge loss of reputation for partnering with a shady character like ritesh sarvaiya. Hiren shah if you're reading this, be very careful. Or your company will also be history soon just like rikhav, dizitalage and now defencely.

  51. Looks like it is time to optimize search results for ritesh sarvaiya scammer, ritesh sarvaiya scam, ritesh sarviaya online scam, ritesh sarvaiya scams.

  52. It is true that he tried to scam his close subordinates and fellow colleagues. i heard that bhavik sarvaiya was also on his hit list.

  53. usually he contacts unsuspecting buyers, sellers, talented youngsters (his most favorite because they are so easy to con) through emails and various forums. Digital point forum is also his playground. then he shows them a few links to his Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy tooo old posts where economic times and some other pay per post websites publish some appraising words about him. this is to make people believe him. then he paints a picture, telling you that he will take you to usa or some other company, with a big mansion and many other things - so much so that you start to believe his horseshit. eventually one day you realise that you have been wasting your time, energy and talent all for nothing.

  54. hello atul,

    i'm zubair from rodinhoods community. i have got all the required details about this porn and adult website seller. in case you want them i can sendover the screenshots from his profile

    He has started hiding his porn site sales but it is too late. the idiot dont know i've taken all require screenshots to put him in jail. if maharaj got political power, you can put this idiot in jail immediately for cyber crime. as its not legal to sell adult and porn in india. just let me know at rodinhoods community page and i will be glad to help you and put this asshole in jail.

  55. also atul since he mentioned you do penny bug bounty, just look at the cheap adult and porn domain name sales he does at he must have try to hidden those adult and porn domains but in any case i will post screenshots of all his dirty activities in some days.

    eg :

    notice the help he is asking for his adult website code for and it is the same profile name XTMONEY

    Now see this post to appraise his website :

    check the WHOIS records for -

    Registrant [3732267]:
    Ritesh Sarvaiya

    from all the above it is very clear this bastard cheater is a porn and adult website creator seller. go put him in jail if he not given you the money for your hardwork of 7 mths.

  56. Hi Zubir, Great job done by you buddy. I would seriously request Ritesh to pay off each & every penny of all of us or we all will surely take help of Zubir & we ensure you that we will make your life HELL. Hope you remember how many people money you haven't paid yet. Or else we can help you to recollect.

  57. his reign is gonna be over soon.

  58. Please don't call his "Reign".... he's a Chootiya.. he wont even understand the meaning of it...

  59. LOL exactly my thoughts. he's the biggest chootiya i've ever come across when i was working in rikhav. a bloody call-center worker. i'm surprised he has so many haters in his life and all have collected here to post on this blog.

    people normally build networks, connections and life-long friendships, but this bastard has build up quite a reputation among people he comes across that so many consider him a CHOOTIYA. lets do counting of the unique number of the people who consider him a CHOOTIYA. we need to atleast see how many of us are unique people posting here.

    I suggest, by entering numbers. Between 1 to 25 or even more. I begin with No.1 that I consider him a big CHOOTIYA. Don't enter twice again so we can see how many of us are unique.

    No.1 - ritesh sarvaiya is a big CHOOTIYA

  60. No. 2 Here:

    A big chootiya.
    And by the way, this is great info for search engines and crawlers. The truth never hides.

  61. I guess, this blog just became the most popular past time hangout for readers :) Love it.

  62. This motherfucker Ritesh is so cheap that in Rikhav Infotech he use to fire people for no reason. Such a Cheap bastard i have never seen in my life. I still remember this Gujju motherfucker coming to office in hilariously pink shirt, aww man it was tough to not stand up and shout "he Chutiye"...

    Sincerely Ex- Rikhav Employee

    P.S: Ritesh Fucking Sarvaiya you're a true asshole. In fact people should stop using term asshole and start using "Ritesh" instead.

  63. no.3 here. This blog page needs to be reviewed by all his ex-colleagues and employees. Any suggestions to reach out to them is welcome.

    Also, the above posters like keshav, sibtain, praveen, atul etc would do good to send this page over to all others you may know cheated by this scum.

  64. No. 4

    He is the Biggest Chutiya in the world..His name should be written in Genius World Record of being a Biggest Chutiya.

    Hate you Ritesh. What goes around comes around.

    people make this post very famous so that no other people can get cheated by this asshole

  65. "Duniya ka Sabse bada Chutiya Ritesh Sarvaiya"

    No 5 Here Guys. This is my 2nd comment in this post.

    I know many people have bookmarked this post and checking on daily basis to read the new comments. There are some other posts and news articles (on Ritesh and about his Defencely etc) which helps him to trap the people and cheat them. so now its time to comment on those posts & news articles and put this blog post link in the comments. So that one gets cheated any more by this "SON OF BITCH".

    Its 92 Comments now on this post. Just 8 more comments need to reach century. Many people who got cheater by this bastard has read the post but not yet commented here. So I request them comment and pass this post to the other people. Make this post popular.

  66. Hello all,

    why isn't this bastard cheater coming and answering like he was doing above, when atul posted 1st time. He was answering anonymously and asking atul to provide written proof about signing legal papers etc. Also saying he is ceo and knows how to handle people like atul.

    This bastard looks so scared now that his truth is all out in the open and the whole world knows how he feeds his family.

    Yo mr. ritesh chootiya sarvaiya we know you're reading these posts hiding in your rat-hole. come out and face the real world or pay atul his share. Or i'm gonna make your fucking cunt all open in front of everyone here. With all the screenshots taken of your porn and adult website sales, you'd be in jail soon you fucking bastard.

  67. Lolz, the About page of Defencely just changed to something new. Swapnil is gone too :D

  68. Ritesh saale kidar chup ke betha hai. Reply kar na himat hoto. And do comment by your own name. Pathetic Man I have ever seen.

  69. Woha, a lot has happened here!

    Never knew that there are so many people who've been a victim to Ritesh's scams.

    I remember him saying to me that I should get prepared in 2013, that he will show the world my "true colors", how ironic!

    Ritesh, now this is from me directly to you, "buddy", grow up!

  70. @Sibtain, brother this motherfucker Ritesh Asshole Sarvaiya is only talk. Never ever in his life this bugger has done anything except for scamming and exploiting young people. I'd so like to see him behind the bars. This fucker has been kicked out by his own brother, what bigger proof than that of his cheating character. I think a lot of people doesn't know that this asshole named his kid after a scam he was running by the name of Rikhav Infotech. I feel sad for the kid as when he'll grow up, all he'd find against his name after googling is abuses, abuses, and abuses.

    - Sincerely an ex-Rikhav employee

  71. Ritesh is the Biggest Chutiya i have ever seen...

  72. ritesh "madarchod" sarvaiya lagta hai ki teri gaand fat gayi hai itne saare log dekh ke jo teri greed ka shikar hue hai haha

    agar gaand mein thoda guu bacha ho to fir aa ke dikha de logo ko aur agar sahi mein teri gaand fat ke darwaza ban gayi ho to dub jaa chullu bhar paani mein kutte.

    - another ex-Rikhav employee

  73. Oye hoye!! check this out. Lol scary truth my ass. Maa lun Op Ed kay marketers ko abhi bhe phudu laga raha hai. Aik din unhain bhe pata lag jayay ga kay Ritesh is a scam and a money laundering whore. For now, these unsuspecting Op Ed guys are trusting him and writing content for him. LMAO. Bas jab tak Ritesh ko faida mil raha hai, he's their best friend...

  74. Guys ye ritesh kutta raheta kahan hai. Lets all go to his house & wahin jake uski marke atte hai. Uske gharwalo ko bhi pata chale kei kitne logo ka paisa khake Aur unko jobless karke woh apna ghar chala raha hai.

  75. Jitni gaali hai sab kum padegi ye kutte ko... he showed his true colors as usual... first he impresses everyone with his bloody big talks then he uses and throw away. he is freaking non technical guy and gonna remain that only for lifetime.

    what you did Ritesh you are getting paid for that. You deserve this only infact more than this.

    Bloody Bastered...

  76. Ritesh "Chutiya" sarvaiya, is nothing but an stinking ass hole. A person who has been kicked out like a dog by his own brother, what else do you need as a proof of his ass holeness. This motherfucker is nothing but a fake. I would so love to see this fucker behind the bars. What's most annoying is his fucking irritating copied status messages on facebook. Sometimes i wish i can write in comment "maa chuda behen ke laude" no buddy gives a fuck.

    Ex-Rikhav Employee

    P.S.: Everyone, please keep posting one galie everyday here. :)

  77. Yes I agree that he deserves much bad than this. What he has done with all of us is not that easy to forget.

    Ritesh kidar gaya abhi anna idar reply karne. Facebook pe toh roz bade bade dialog likhta hai. I dnt understand why ppl entertain him by liking or commenting on his status.

    Galie No.1 - Mother Fucker

  78. One Day Ritesh will be on US streets. Begging for 1$ and will say his famous dailouge "If u give me 1$ then one day u will be in India.

  79. Lols check this out guys, Another paid interview

    "Brave Heart" CEO

  80. Just found out something.
    This is what he thinks of Muslims.

    By the way, search for his username oldpenny at Digital point forums or type down Sibtain at the same website. In reply to his disgraceful comment about other people's religion, Sibtain tackled the situation quite well.

    Not only does Ritesh Sarviaya lack professionalism but it shows he has no respect or whatsoever for fellow community members. It does not matter if you are Hindu, Muslim or Christian. As long as you are benefiting Ritesh Sarvaiya, he will be your "brother". The moment the odds have shifted against him, he will be showing his true colors.


  82. Just found out something.
    This is what he thinks of Muslims.
    By the way, search for his username oldpenny at Digital point forums or type down Sibtain at the same website. In reply to his disgraceful comment about other people's religion, Sibtain tackled the situation quite well.

    Not only does Ritesh Sarviaya lack professionalism but it shows he has no respect or whatsoever for fellow community members. It does not matter if you are Hindu, Muslim or Christian. As long as you are benefiting Ritesh Sarvaiya, he will be your "brother". The moment the odds have shifted against him, he will be showing his true colors.

  83. ritesh "madarchod" sarvaiya

    muje lagta hai ki tu kisi RANDI ki nazaish paidaish hai aur lagta hai ki tera baap teri maa ko chod ke chala gaya aur kabool karne se inkaar kar gaya jab use pata chala ki tu us randi ke pet mein aa chuka hai.

    isiliye itne logo ki bad duva le raha hai. musalman ho ya hindu ya isai sab religion ka respect karna chaihe. Lekin tuj jaisi nazaish paidaish se ye ummid nahi kar sakte kyuki teri paidaish hi sahi nahi hui hai.

  84. @Rizwan bhai i completely agree with you. This mother fucker should be fucked in jail. I hope he is reading all or at least people working with that motherfucker are.

    ~ Sincerely Ex- Rikhav Employee



  86. hahahahahahahahah...

    Realy Ritesh Sarvcaaa is choooooodu.......


  87. how do i get in touch with atul. please help...

  88. Ritesh Chootiya was trying to distract my mind from my studies..... Fuck him.... Now i realise his 2 faced personality.... :/

  89. I never met such an asshole in my life time. Believe me he is piece of cunt who has no moral in his life. He just keep saying "I am a man of my words" lol :P. I tried to stop him contacting me but he continuously distracting me. He show only his fake online interviews lol. See How a scammer running a security company that too by scamming the real owner. If I get a chance in my life time to kill some one. I will immediately kill Ritesh Chutavariya without giving a second thought

  90. Hey everybody, i thought I'd drop by and bring your attention towards the new shit that Ritesh Fucking chutiya has started. It's Another scam coming. :P

  91. Hey is this ritesh chutiya sarvaiya even alive still ? His defencely site does no updates and looks like the social media accounts are dead too.

    Hope this guy rots in hell. He is a real bastard who has ruined many young enterprising geeks.

    (Please comment as much as possible)

    Please guys keep the blog and posts alive. This cheater should be dragged to hell.

  93. ritesh madarchod chor hai
    bus chutiya banata hai logo ko fasta hai

  94. Guys koi update hai ye chuuuu ka..saala sabka paisa leke US gaya hai sunna..Zinda hai kei nai..

  95. is madarchod ritesh ke interview aate rehte hei, am surprised that these bloggers don't do a background check on this chutiya and just keep posting his fake achievements.

    Also, it looks like this bastard himself writes below all his fake interviews with alias of other people. Who has the time in this world to write and keep writing praises of this chutiya.

  96. Is defencely getting clients or everything is fake and not earning a single money? I knpw knowit's just show off with fake advertising. But I doubt that they even have a single client.

  97. All of this is really shocking. I knew Ritesh when we both worked at Wipro. He was in the same training batch as me and was happy since he got an opportunity to work in an international BPO.

    He rose quite quickly in a very competitive environment because he made certain process improvements for which he got a lot of recognition.

    I think both of us moved out the company around the same time in 2005.

    Then, I met him many years later, I think in 2013 at his Defencely office. I was between jobs and was there to meet him to see if theres an opportunity to work for his company. It was a rainy day and I had taken a very long trip to meet him. He was generous with his time and even introduced me to Atul who walked in late that day because of the rain.

    My only impression about Atul was that he was very young and shy. Ritesh told me that Atul is a real genius and was responsible for uncovering a security flaw in Paypal which got recognized just a couple of days ago. I exchanged pleasantries with Atul but did not have a long conversation and I felt Atul was feeling shy.

    I had high hopes from Defencely and was sure the company will rise to the top.

    Today, I felt curious to see how they are doing and came across this article.

    I will not take any sides, but all I can say is that this is very unfortunate. I found it difficult to read so much hate about someone I know personally.

    Using my real name because I think its the right thing to do.

  98. Harshit, if you know this asshole then take the phone and talk to him. Ask him what is the truth.

    He's a bastard who has ruined many young careers by making fake promises. Atul was one promising guy.

    So many people cannot be wrong. If you go over the above list, atleast 15 unique people have posted repeatedly about this bastard.

  99. After reading the entire story, i truely that there might something bad happened in the company but inorder to accuse someone so deeply, really needs a very strong evidence and without having any evidence one cannot put such allegations to some one (how true you are) and if you have all the evidences with you then why dont you sue the company? Why to wait for so long?

  100. Ritesh is a fraud. We worked as a vendor and he screwed us infinite number of changes. When it came to paying the service fee - he kept saying he will pay, will pay next month/week etc. At last he just refused. Thought check how the venture is doing - it seems it has died its own death. No FB/blog updates now. With such an attitude and after receiving so many negative vibes - you can't really reach very far. I hope one day he understands this and learns his lesson.

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