Thursday, June 20, 2013

Story Behind Defencely

So Here's Story Behind Defencely. Lot of questions came after Vedachala posted XSS In Defencely.Which Was in Home Page of
And People just buzzing me to fix that vulnerability, but when i told them I'm not part of defencely anymore.
i faced lot of questions about why.

My Small Introduction :
My Full Name is Atulkumar Hariba Shedage, (Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin) I'm security researcher and awarded by some giant internet companies like Google (2 Times) , Github , Ifixit , Zynga , Redhat (2 Times) , Gallery Project , Gitlab , Apple , barracudalabs , Zendesk , Constant Contact , Lastpass , 37 Signal , Ebay , Acquia , Soundcloud , Engineyard , Nokia Network , Tuenti , Nokia And Some others i can't even remember names.
I was Originally Co-founder And Chief Technology Officer At Defencely But Some Weird Things Happened in company and Founder of Defencely Ritesh Sarvaiya Kicked me out from defencely.
Here's The Screenshot of team page : Click On pic to zoom :) , That's me on Right Side.


Title is : Story Behind Defencely

I Had joined Company in , Exact Date we meet is : 13 December 2012, Actually it was not official meeting , That is Date when i meet Ritesh First time,
Today Defencely Completed nearly 6 month, Me ,My Cousin(Rahul Shedge) And Ghanshyam Vyas (Maharaj) Meet At His Old Company Digital Edge
Maharaj is like my family member.

So after we meet at Digital edge Office Ritesh Gave me one proposal that Lets Build One Security Company. I had shown him various my achievement which i got that time, apple is one them and as he is biggest fan of apple and that attracts him lot And Offering me as let's build one world wide product which will related to security field,
means securing websites. which is
As i was pursing my Post graduation (MSC Computer Science-I), I thought God gave me something special in form of ritesh, After His proposal to me i Said ok let's Do it,
That Time Ritesh told us what ever investment need to build website and other buying equipment it will be done
from his pocket. At this Time The company equity divided in to 3 part. 50% equity will be Belongs to Ritesh Sarvaiya, 25% on me and 25% on my cousin(he was chief financial officer)(means total 50%). i Said OK Let's Do it.
At this time Ritesh, Me , Maharaj And Rahul Shedge(my Cousin) Present in office.

Then Here's Journey Start.
On 14th January 2013 we have registered Domain After registering domain he said he will CEO And i will be CTO of company and marketing part will handle from his side and what ever technical things it will be handle by me. i was ok with it. after that he told me to add his name with me in what ever Next HOF (Hall Of Fame) I will get, i said ok i will do, i started working for company, added Ritesh and my name in google,Github , Ifixit ,Zynga , RedHat , Gallery , Apple , barracudalabs , Zendesk , Nokia I did my best to add Ritesh name in HOF, we was happy and dreaming future of defencely.
with in 1-2 months Ritesh Have resigned from his old company which i mentioned above Digital Edge, Also he was facing some big problems in life And he was in depressed.
He Came to our mentor Maharaj, as he was totally broken from heart, Maharaj gave him some suggestion (i was not here when he both discussing this), gave Him Advice And Supported him, After that Ritesh Told Maharaj to come onboard and maharaj said ok will come onborad, on behalf of that he offered maharaj 25% equity.
Maharaj trusts on me lot and he told Ritesh that he will invest money as he have no doubt on my skills,

So you might thinking that what is need of maharaj in this part?
well maharaj is like my friend and my best well wisher, in everyone's life there is one person, who you trusted lot and when ever any imp decision you have to take you firstly ask them , that what maharaj is for me. Ritesh was CMD and Chairman of Rikhav Infotech but he left company and after that some of his rikhav company investors cased on him (it's confidential, can't share it), unfortunately all his partners faced jail but he didn't because with using maharaj political power, He protected Ritesh before he got jail, and at that time no one gave him bail, this time maharaj did. Maharaj supported him in every bad situation he faced.

Working Working And Working We passed 5 months website is online , almost everything is ready, all front end, Back End, i used my skills to get defencely and Ritesh name in all HOF without he having technical knowledge, But in That 5 month I Didn't asked him for Single Amount of money And He Didn't even asked me.(Because Maharaj Told me to not ask money, as it's your first experience for building company, learn as much you can) At time came to do all things legally means on paper, he called me in night about 10pm and told that maharj asked for 25% equity, I said what you are talking, we just talked for hours(in between this hour he didn't told me that he had talk with maharj and promised him to give 25% equity). i was not agree that time, i said wait i'm coming to mumbai, next day i gone to mumbai and meet maharaj personally and i asked him what happened, maharaj told me all discussion he had with Ritesh, after listning all, i was super surprise i called Ritesh and asked whether he had talk with maharaj or not, then he said "yea i had talk with maharj about equity and don't consider that conversation, just think what we have discussed at beginning time" i said if you guys had talk how i can come in middle because maharaj is like my dad and i can't go Against to him.i told Ritesh That i'm not agree with him

After few hours i called him again and again asked did they discussed, now this time he said "yes we had but that time i didn't said "yes for sure" about equity, i just said "i will see" here is double face came, i said you have to tell me this before hours ago when i was seated in front of maharaj. again he started bluffing i'm business man, i invested money and all, i can't give equity, if maharaj need ,he should have to pay equity amount, he talked lot of buisness policy which is out of my focus.

Now same day at night he came to my building parking with hiren Shah, And He Asked me for server passwords, i said what happen , then he said "what ever equity dividation done i'm not agree" Then I said "now what", Ritesh was with hiren shah, Ritesh Said go Take walk talk with hiren he is like my brother and share anything with him, i had talked with Hiren and he's tried to convince me , i was totaly crying. after 10 minutes Hiren said See Atul "Ritesh Will Get Thousands of CTO/Researchers Like You, But you will not get single CEO Like Ritesh", here's my brain blasted, i said ok fine go ahead and find thousands of atul.
After this, Hiren gave me 4 options and Ritesh was agree with that
1) What ever investment done by Ritesh (nearly 6-7 lkah indian currency) give it back to him and take all company
i said i'm middle class guy, i can't effort that much money
2) Come back and we will agree on 50-50
If i do this my all family relation will destroy , i said i can't
3) Leave defencely and we will pay enough amount of money as salary
i said ok will go ahead with this
4) lets Destroy defencely and make individual
i was not agree.

I told him give me some time I will decide and let you know soon, I called my dad,mom and my uncle that what i do next, As we are all connected to maharaj as family and if i work for defencely with ritesh, my all family relations will get destroy and i don't want to do this, i was ready to compromise my dream about build company for my all family. i was still in mumbai, i called dad and told to come Mumbai, next morning my dad and my uncle came to mumbai and we had talk with maharaj, After discussing , my dad said don't work, choose 3rd option and leave company, i said OK without asking single question why,
At Same day he sent me Email and teaching me cyber crime

i told him to will not continue (i was aware of his double face personality) he said "give me all server username and passwords"
i said "give me reasonable amount of money for which i worked for company in past." Now he just started to do me emotional things that defencely was your dream , i can't even think you did this with me and now you betraying and bla bla bla

You Might thinking why i didn't give him password?
The reason is all server / domain details is registered on his own email address, and even if i denied to give him password he gone reset all by contacting hosting company. My pocket was empty.

After 24 hours he reset password. Again i asked him for my money, He declined , again i repeat, now this time he asked me on facebook that "how much money you want," i Said "i will ask 10 lakh" then he said "you can ask anything" after 10 minutes no reply on FB i ping him and text as "when i expect it" Still No reply

After maharj Sent him one mail copy below : 

As now he had all passwords, 

He sent reply to above email between half hours copy below :

After 4 days he pinged me again and told that "i didn't expect from you" i said "wdf happen now?" he said system not working, i said "Then what i do?" Again he started , you did something wrong in coding , Damn what he's talking now he had all password, i didn't opened from last 4 days and how i edit code with out having access to server, even if i have backdoor i would choose to deface defencely and destroy all data, why i edit code and do simply 1% damage, I thought that he don't want to pay me my salary and here's my thought true he started blaming on me and continuosaly asking that what you did for company , this is not working, this page not working,i listened all said the people you hired is not able to run system is not my fault , (for example purpose) I made car and if you can't able to drive thats not my fault, it's your fault of you can't drive. again he still blufing that i did something. after that i didn't answered him and when ever he message me i always said give me my money and after that he reply anonyigly And all,
Company didn't even started, We are not even getting single client nor single profit, and before that you are fighting for equity what is it man :(

Now yesterday my one friend (vedachala) posted the xss, and he started messaging me on FB, copies of messages is below. 

Public Message to Ritesh Sarvaiya : 
As you messaged above And that you gone show my true face, i written all story, if you have guts prove me wrong, And About my salary/money i don't want it anymore, if you have little shame donate half amount to some charity and if you forced me to take salary/money i will accept it with brave heart :),  And Stop playing with young peoples mind and don't be vampire :)